1. PageHome Intelligent measuring technology for the future made by GWF MessSysteme AG - the market leader in Switzerland for measurement and collecting data for consumption of water, heat and natural gas.
  2. FolderWater GWF presents comprehensive product solutions for meter readout infrastructures with GWFcoder® communication technology by means of radio, M-Bus and RS232/current loop with use of open protocols.
    1. FolderWater Meters GWF offers a comprehensive product range for utilities such as domestic water meters and bulk water meters.
      1. PageResidential GWF offers for residential applications its multi- and singlejet meters equipped with or without pulsed or with GWFcoder® technology.
      2. FolderCommercial & Industrial For commercial and industrial applications we recommend our meters equipped with GWFcoder® communication modules with software for data handling.
        1. FolderWoltman water meters For measurement of bulk cold water the GWFcoder® technology offers data security, and/or with a multitude of pulser configurations for connections to remote readout and control systems.
    2. FolderData Collection Due to our modular designs our systems are interoperable with today’s standardised interfaces and ready for future communication technologies.
      1. FolderMobile meter reading Our mobile wireless system optimizes readings in urban, suburban and rural areas and is an economic solution.
      2. FolderRemote meter reading Consumption data is available through a variety of interfaces and communication platforms.
        1. FolderGWFcoder® interfaces Utility and building management? No problem with GWFcoder® remote meter reading system with absolute meter readings into an assortment of management platforms.
        2. FolderFrequency converter Microprocessor-controlled frequency converter with digital display convert impulses into a proportional flow representation.
  3. FolderThermal Our pulsed or Absolute Encoder M-Bus enabled meters meet the growing demands for heat metering.
    1. FolderFlow components 
      1. FolderFlow Meters GWF heat meters also allow shared costs among all consumers in a network, e.g. residents of a flat, shops or commercial centre, ensuring easy collection of information from heat meters in buildings, houses or substations.
      2. PageRemote Indicators Our remote indicators accumulate consumption data without requiring direct access to the meters.
    2. FolderData communication For central measured data recording of consumption values regarding control and billing applications GWF provides the elemental know-how for design and realization in the building service engineering sector.
      1. PageM-Bus Systems The GWF Absolute Encoder meters for simple installation and reliable function operate according to M-Bus specified European Norm. GWF offers different M-Bus data concentrators depending on the number of M-Bus meters required within an installation.
    3. FolderService GWF focuses on impeccable quality in our start-to-finish support services from the system design, through training courses, and the reading, processing and analyzing of data to financing solutions.
      1. PageVerification and calibration facility GWF is an accredited verification and calibration facility for gas-, water and heat meters according to IEC 17025; verification of warm water meters. Conformity certificate as per MID Module-D (METAS-Cert).
      2. PageCustomer service GWF ensures prompt service, high quality standards, and competent technical personnel encompassing consultation, revisions, maintenance, servicing and verification.
  4. FolderEncoder Technology GWF facilitates sustainable energy usage and offers trendsetting smart metering system solutions based on high-precision measuring instruments and the patented GWFcoder® technology.
    1. PageAdvantages The optical Absolute Encoder is ideal in Smart Metering systems having various advantages for the user due to its effectiveness and security provided in the data chain.
    2. PageSystem Connection Together with the world’s best institutions and enterprises GWF realizes innovative solutions jointly with them. Due to this network we benefit from synergies for research and development for future solutions and this as efficiently as possible.